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Free food parcel

The Larder Ministries has a duty of care to the public to help alleviate problems and concerns that affect their daily lives. Therefore we owe it to God and man to extend a helping hand to those who are affected by circumstances beyond their control by providing this service. Many have been helped and are grateful.

Thank you larder ministries for this service which you offer to me and my family it has been a tremendous help since I lost my job


Mental Health Awareness

This Ministry has been offering a listening service over several years within the Church, providing support to people whose lives are affected through mental health disorders. It is a service that offers trust and confidentiality in a safe environment. They may also have the opportunity to befriend and socialize with the hope to be integrated back into society and to be re-employed without stigma.

Counselling is also offered as a part of the listening service to support individuals through a qualified Counsellor when this becomes necessary, or even if someone needs this help due to bereavement.

CAP: Christians Against Poverty

CAP is a service where financial advice is offered by a team of professionals to help individuals manage their finances. There are many reasons why people fall into debt but whatever the reason, and the Ministry is here to help work with individuals in difficult financial circumstances to achieve greater outcomes without prejudice.

E-Gang Project

This project has been set up to help youths against gang crimes, drugs and alcohol dependency through various speakers in the Larder Ministries. Also by creating awareness of gang culture, this ministry offers hope to people in prison through help and assistance which includes mentoring, education, training and support to access housing and benefits while making difficult and confusing journeys in life. Through this service, many lives have changed for the better, which is a testimony of the love and power of Christ.

Prayer Line

The Larder Ministries offer prayer, encouragement and hope to anyone who is in need for healing and strength through challenging circumstances. There are intercessors who are readily available to pray and intercede on people’s behalf.