The Larder Ministries


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Our Vision

The Church’s vision is centred on embracing and celebrating the richness of a multi-cultural society. The church sees diversity as a source of strength, recognising that each culture brings unique perspectives, traditions, and experiences that can enrich the community. By bridging cultural gaps, the church aims to create a harmonious and inclusive environment where people from all backgrounds can come together as a united and supportive community.

To achieve this vision, the church emphasises the importance of building a strong community spirit based on love and hope. Love is seen as the foundation of all interactions, fostering empathy, understanding, and compassion among members. This sense of hope instils a positive outlook for the future, encouraging individuals to work together towards common goals and aspirations.

One of the practical ways the church seeks to implement its vision is by becoming user-friendly. This means removing barriers and making the church accessible and welcoming to everyone. The church strives to create an atmosphere where individuals, regardless of their background or beliefs, feel comfortable, accepted, and valued. This might involve re-evaluating traditional practices and structures that could be alienating to certain groups, and instead, embracing more inclusive and flexible approaches.

The church places emphasis on providing nourishment for the following:

  • The mind: the Church offers educational programmes and discussions to empower and promote critical thinking.
  • The body: by promoting positive mental health and wellbeing through the signposting to key organisations as well as practical support through the food programme and other areas of need.
  • The spirit and soul: the Church offers spiritual guidance through prayer, Bible studies, worship and pastoral care creating a space of reflection and spiritual growth through Jesus Christ.

This holistic approach recognises that every person requires attention, love and care – something the Larder Ministries can offer in abundance.

The Church vision highlights its commitment to fostering unity and embracing the rich cultural diversity of our world; building a church family based on love and hope. We strive to be a centre of strength, inspiration and positive change for the community.